Calibor Cards and Cleaning Kits

do you have a Zebra or evolis plastic card printer?

From blank customised high quality plastic cards to cleaning kits, the extensive Calibor range of plastic card 
printer consumables allows you to maintain your print heads ensuring a longer life span and higher quality 
printing. additionally, the extensive Calibor plastic card range offers premium PVC cards including HiCo/loco magnetic stripes compatible with the Zebra and 
evolis range of plastic card printers.
Your customised plastic card idea not listed? 
Please contact your respective dealer with your size, ideas and quantity requirements so that we can 
best suit your needs.


Cleaning Kits

With the Calibor range, you have access to a full line 
of cleaning supplies that will help maintain printer 
performance and prolong the life of your Zebra card 
printer. Products include: 

1. Cleaning Cartridges: 
these help guarantee the longevity of the printer by automatically cleaning cards, removing debris prior to the printing cycle. 

2. Cleaning Rollers: 
these are installed in the cleaning cartridges. Cleaning rollers are made up of adhesive based rollers that pick up debris from blank cards prior to printing. 

3. Cleaning Cards: 
these are specifically designed cards which are placed in your plastic card printer in place of the plastic card and run through the machine performing a generic clean. 

4. Cleaning Swabs: 
these are used to wipe deposits from the print head and help to ensure the longevity of your print head and your plastic card printer.

Plastic Cards 

the Calibor range of plastic cards give you image sharpness needed for vivid colours and detailed, readable bar codes. Poor quality cards often have uneven surfaces and burrs that reduce print quality and cause print head damage. the Calibor card range includes:

1. Blank PVC Cards: 
From standard credit card size to 3 up detachable key tags, Calibor’s extensive range of plastic cards caters for most applications. Contact your respective dealer to find out if we have the right size for you in stock.

2. Embedded Hologram Cards: 
PVC & PVC Composite cards with a tamper-resistant hologram embedded within the layers of the card for an added low-cost security feature. the hologram is part of the background of the white card enabling printing to be applied directly on top of the hologram.

3. Colour Shifting Ink Cards: 
PVC & PVC Composite cards with a specified image of colour shifting inks formulated to change from one colour to another. this feature is part of the inner layer of the card and cannot be scratched, or removed. 

4. Opacity Mark Cards: 
PVC cards with a tamper-resistant printed image within the layers of the card for an added low-cost security feature. image acts as a watermark, only visible when held directly in front of a bright light source. 

5. Micro Text or Nano Text Cards: 
PVC & PVC Composite cards with pre-printed text that can only be read with magnification or with UV exposure.