Calibor Labels

sizes and styles galore!

every company has their own specific size and style requirement of labels that correspond to their various business needs. This is why the Calibor range offers an extensive 200 plus variety of high quality labels as standard stock. From plain paper stocks to short run custom stock, the Calibor label range caters for most applications.Unsure if your custom label idea is possible? Contact your respective dealer to find out. You might be surprised.


Standard Calibor label stock:

For general label printing purposes you can’t go past the extensive Calibor range of 200 plus standard stock that consists of multiple sizes. Calibor’s selection of label and tag materials meets the requirements of most applications and budgets. our variable options include, but not limited to: 

1. Plain paper:
a standard bright white, smooth paper facestock that is specially coated to provide the optimal balance between performance and price.

2. Gloss paper:
a premium bright white, ultra smooth paper facestock that is specially coated to provide optimal performance.

3. Permanent/Removable adhesion:
Providing extra life for those jobs that require long term labels or easily removable short term labelling.

4. Thermal Transfer:
This option caters for the thermal transfer printers that utilise the latest thermal transfer technology.


Custom short run labels

The Calibor custom label range offers custom labels and tags with up to 8 colours in the size and material you need. With such a diverse range of custom labels, you are certain to find the appropriate match for you and your application. 
simply contact your respective dealer with your individual label size, material and quantity requirements, so that we can best suit your needs.