Calibor Paper Rolls

Receipts that suit you and your application!

the Calibor range of high quality receipt paper rolls suits most point of sale (pos) receipt printers, cash registers, eftpos terminals, ATM’s and kiosks. With a wide range of thermal, bond, 2 ply and 3 ply and customised options available, there is a Calibor roll to suit your transaction printing requirements.
Your size or customised receipt idea not listed? Please contact your respective dealer with your individual paper size and quantity requirements or idea so that we can best suit your needs.


General receipt paper rolls:

For general receipt printing purposes, Calibor offers high grade thermal and bond receipt paper ensuring image quality and durability. When ordering such items it is helpful to know that Calibor take the following considerations:  

1. Larger Calibor 80 x 80 thermal receipt rolls come in boxes of 24 rolls and are packaged in high quality durable strengthened core flute cardboard cartons.

2. Smaller Calibor thermal roll sizes come in outer colour coded boxes of 50 rolls with inner cartons of 10 allowing you to further breakdown boxes onsite.

3. Bond (plain paper) receipt rolls are packaged in boxes of 50 rolls with inner cartons of 10 with options of 2 ply and 3 ply paper for duplicate or triplicate printing.

Customised receipt paper rolls:

For extra-ordinary printing purposes, Calibor offers the same high grade thermal and bond receipt paper with the added bonus option of customisation. the following options can give you an example of some of the customised options:

1. Colour wash rolls:
the entire receipt roll is colour washed in a pastel colour of Yellow, Green, red or blue. printing is then in black.

2. Heat sensitive white paper rolls:
these rolls allow dual colour printing such as black/Green or black/red or black/blue.

3. Pre-printed rolls:
the reverse side of this roll is printed in single, double or full colour ideal for targeted promotions.

4. Water Mark pre-printed rolls:
these rolls allow pre-printed water marks in colour on the printable side.