Terms & Conditions

The Calibor web site is operated and supported by Sektor Pty Ltd www.sektor.com.au for and on behalf of its re-seller network for the purpose of supplying fast and efficient consumable supplies to retail stores throughout Australia. 

How it Works
You, the End User, will most likely have an account with your preferred business equipment Supplier (our Customer) in your home town. To open an account on the Calibor site, you will initially contact your Supplier who will set you up and authorise you to trade on this site.
The pricing you will see on your logon will be those agreed to between you and your Supplier.
You will place your order on line and get invoiced directly from your nominated Supplier, with the goods being shipped directly from the Sektor’s Calibor warehouse, ensuring immediate and efficient supply of your paper rolls directly to your door. Your terms of trade will be between you and your nominated Supplier. 

Web Access
The Calibor web site, www.calibor.com.au provides Sektor’s trade Customer, the ability to offer their customers, the End User, an efficient method or placing orders for consumable supplies on line. The End User will have access to product details and specific pricings that have been created by Sektor’s Customer to the End User, via a secured logon.  As this information is confidential between the End User and Sektor’s Customer, a User ID and initial Password will be issued to the Nominated Person of the End User. It is the Nominated Person’s responsibility to issue these access codes to other staff within the End User’s organisation should additional access be required. It is strongly recommended that upon receipt and access of the initial Password, that the Nominated Person immediately changes the issued password. If a Password is lost, a new Password will only be issued by the Customer to the End User’s Nominated Person, unless otherwise instructed in writing by the Customer to Sektor. For the avoidance of doubt, the Terms and Conditions of Sale are between Sektor’s Customer and the End User and apply to all orders placed by the End user on the Calibor web ordering portal. Sektor reserves the right to restrict access to the web ordering portal at any time without prior notice to either the End User or the Customer.

Security Capabilities & Transmission of Payment Card Details
Calibor is a secure site. Your Credit Card details are not kept, stored or transmitted to Sektor, Calibor or your Supplier in any form whatsoever.  

Any information given, posted or held on the website by either party will be held by the other party in strict confidence and will not be passed on to any third party or used for any other purpose other than the direct related purpose for which the information was given.  Confidential information excludes information which is: (i) lawfully in the public domain before its disclosure or enters the public domain afterwards otherwise than as a result of an unauthorised disclosure; (ii) becomes available to the receiving party from someone lawfully in possession of it who lawfully discloses it on a non-confidential basis; and (iii) is rightfully known by the receiving party before disclosure of it.

Terms & Conditions of Sale
Your account will be with your business equipment or consumables Supplier. You will be requested to agree with your Supplier’s Terms & Conditions of Sale before a Logon and Password are issued to you.  You will be invoiced by and payment due directly to your Supplier.
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Insurance will not be affected by the Company on Goods forwarded from the Company’s premises unless the Company receives written instructions from the Customer to insure.


End User - You, the user of the site who places the orders and uses the purchased products.

Nominated Person - The End User’s person who is given control of the password and therefore access to the Calibor web site.

Supplier - Sektor's Customer, which is your nominated supplier.

Customer - Sektor's Customer, which is your nominated supplier.

Calibor - The registered brand name of the Sektor's consumables products.

Sektor - Sektor Pty Ltd who is the owner of the Calibor web site.